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Thursday, 27 August 2015

windows 10–wow

I appreciate that I’m a bit of a luddite and have only just installed windows 10 on my MBP.  Wait, you don’t know what MBP stands for, this TLA is foreign…  Hmm, seems that you were not awake for about 10 nights installing windows 8.1 on your Mac Book Pro like me, and going through about 1000 pages trying to work out what was wrong. 

But, I wrestled 8.1 onto a separate partition, so I can dual boot the MBP – this is really nice.  But here goes, I’m going to be nice to windows.  The upgrade to windows 10 was seamless and awesome.  I iso put on a USB, mounted through 8.1 and then an inline upgrade.  I cannot believe that I’m able to log in.  All my old drivers are working, even my two thunderbolt (proprietary rubbish [but 2880x1800 – take that] monitors are working.  wireless working, EVERYTHING working.

My faithful Mac survives another attempt at it’s life by becoming a windows 10 machine.  I do like my mac, SSD, 16GB RAM, 1 sockey with 4 cores and 2.6GHz is not a powerhouse anymore… I also migrated my MAC based virtuals from vmware fusion to oracle VM virtual box.  this was very easy too, just take the hard drives and create new machines in virtual box.  The only trick thing was changing the hard drive type from SCSI to IDE for virtual box – no re-installs – no nothing.  Very cool how the VHD’s are portable across hypervisors.

Anyway, I promise to blog on JDE soon, but windows 10 is my savior – I’m sick of tiles and their stooped 8.1 interface.  Reminds me of Vista – a rubbish release.

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