Sunday, 22 October 2017

Tools release 9.2 update 2 is GA

There are a heap of cool features, let me summarise them:  read the source of truth

  • additions to UXOne
  • mobile time entry – new app
  • mobile inventory transfer and cycle count
  • Supporting MAF 2,.4 (but why would you bother?)
  • There are a heap of application enhancements – which is a little strange when something is labeled tools release.  I guess we are seeing once again the execution of continuous delivery
    • Manufacturing Production Execution Process Simplification
    • HCM improvements
    • Finally - Joint Venture Management - Percentage of Ownership and Distributions
    • Capital Asset Management and Service Management
    • Announcing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Notifications – NOT mobile message notifications. 
      • orchestrator can now process notifications -
      • the notification system will notify the appropriate users via their preferred delivery: within the JD Edwards web client, in the JD Edwards Work Center, or via email or text message.
      • Wow, does this mean perhaps some attempt at the sadly missing workflow engine?
      • Where are the mobile notifications?
      • I have big plans to integration microsoft Flow into JD Edwards natively as a fully featured and rich workflow engine
    • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator Enhancements
      • read from external data
      • read from watch lists
      • is this going to be workflow I ask (finally!)
    • Server Manager REST API enhancements.  This is cool if you want to connect SCOM or other management product into SM to manage the organisation.
      • Enterprise Server -
      • HTML Server -
      • Application Interface Services Server (AIS) -
      • Transaction Server (RTE) -
      • Business Services Server (BSSV) -
      • BI Publisher Server for One View Reporting (OVR) -
      • Database Server
    • Enhancements to Simplify Staying Current
      • Anything in this area is good.  You can track if BSFN’s are being called
      • I’d still use our ERP analytics program and augment the information with this.
    • More platform certifications – could there be a more boring list?  (MSFT EDGE!)
      • Oracle Database 
      • Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET) 3.1 
      • Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) 2.4 for Mobile Foundation 
      • Microsoft EDGE browser 38

Monday, 16 October 2017

CD3–in action

Continuous delivery is way too real.  How do I know?  I’ve seen it.

Take for example you want to look at the release catalog from oracle (new from 9.1)

start here:


Choose JDE


Choose compare releases

And now compare applications:


Cool hey?  So you can now choose a month to compare with – not a “dot” release.