Wednesday, 31 March 2010

500 errors logging into JDE and then on databrowser

All difficult things start off being simple…  Or is it that all simple things start off being difficult…  I dunno.

A simple exercise to “skin” the JDE interface on am OAS server sitting on linux…  Very simple.  We have a test server (local OAS same release).  Get all of the jpg’s, gif’s and jsp / css files working locally – perfect.

sftp the files to the web server, easy

backup the existing webstylesheetgui.jsp

move the new one in.

HTTP 500 error?  WTF?

okay, restart web app server

still broken… Hmmm

move old file back, all okay.

in relation to the error:

find a log:  /u01/product/ called log.xml containing something like:

    <MSG_TEXT>Unable to dispatch JSP Page : Exception:oracle.jsp.parse.JspParseException: /databrowser/ChooseTarget.jsp: Line # 20, &lt;%@taglib prefix="webgui"  uri=""%>
Error: "" is not a registered TLD namespace. </MSG_TEXT>

Something chunky to search, find lots of red herrings EVERYWHERE

Eventually cry myself to sleep and reinstall JDE on web server – amazingly then I CAN change the webstylesheetgui.jsp!!!  Changes come in…  Ripper…

THEN client tells me that databroswer has stopped with HTTP 500 error

Find issue:

(ironically the shite metalink3 search could not find this two nights ago)

  1. Make a copy of web.xml for backup and store it somewhere outside of webclient folder
  2. Make a copy of web.xml and rename it to web.xml.bad
  3. Edit web.xml and replace the current URL patterns:
    and replace with the following lines:
  4. Restart web services
  5. Test Databrowser

If Databrowser still does not work after replace the above text then do the following:

  • Delete web.xml and rename web.xml.bad back to web.xml
  • Restart web services
  • Test Databrowser


The even more amazing thing about this is that it worked!!!

The initial step did nothing (replacing a section in the web.xml)..

The most amazing thing was that the delete and replace with the existing file DID fix it????  HUH???  Replace with a copy of the broken file fixed it?

Anyway, problem sorted.  I bet this would have even prevented me from reinstalled DV, PY and TR to get the stoopid skinning changes in…  Oh well, live and learn!

Friday, 26 March 2010

Can’t delete a oc4j instance from OAS

I had a situation where I tried to delete an oc4j instance from SM and from Oracle enterprise manager.  I tried all methods, but it would not go.  I then used the removeinstance command “./removeinstance -instanceName TRN812” which also did not really work…  But then I tried to create an instance with the createInstance command, and that DID work in creating a new instance and also deleting the corrupt one! 

I then was able to delete the new one I created and everything was peachy. 

OEM and JDE kept giving me an error like:

“Error reloading opmn server: /u01/product/ cannot execute”

So, some problem with the double slash.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Windows Virtual PC and windows7

Wow, talk about some tight integration.  We can see windows virtual machines in the menu structure of my windows7 maching natively.


But also, even better, you can run applications from the VM on your desktop as if it’s just a normal application!



You can see in my menu that I’m running some old 32 bit apps that are not supported on 7 as if they are running natively on my machine.  The virtual machine is started in the background, so it takes a little while.  Totally awesome though!!!!

Note that there is a bit of a gotcha with the VMs and the use of “integrated security”.  I have my support VM’s so that they log in automatically, don’t really know local usernames or passwords.  But to use the “integrated security” functionality (like drive mapping), you need to log into the VM when you start it!  A little bit different!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Definition of term wang

probably not the definition that you were expecting…

WANG: Term used to describe the process of fixing a technical issue, by a means that might be classified as a shortcut.  i.e. “I’ll wang them into the database, it should start working”.  wang-ify – to wang. wang-ification is the process of wanging something in. Past tense – wanged i.e. “He wanged them in the other day, it should be right”.  See also dewangification, the process of reversing a wang “Holy shit, it stopped working, might be time for dewangification.

Cannot add any objects through OMW

Can’t add a table or anything through OMW.  All I get is “Error: Invalid Parameters” at the bottom of the screen…  What is going on???  Missing UDC – you might have had a refresh of the control tables which has wiped out the following:





Just add her back and you’ll be away!