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Thursday, 27 August 2015

EnterpriseOne Features–change confirmation


This is where all of the goodies are, the new stuff is put in here and is easy to activate with a tools release.



What are we talking about, well the list of features is available here, but this is going to increase:  These can be found in UDC H95|TS.

Good that you know that this is a UDC, so if you cannot see a feature in a particular environment, might be UDC related.  The functionality will be encompassed in a tools release though.


Lets take type 5 Change confirmation, what is this and what does it do?


This enables you to give a user a kind of “warning” on particular actions of user definable forms and / or applications.


If you select one of the shipped features, you can see that this has all of the OK, SELECT and FIND features enabled.  You can then choose what user / app / form combination the feature will be enabled on:

Use form –> feature Auth to determine who gets the feature. The tables that store this data is F985973 (features) and F958974 (feature authorisations).  If you want to test these features, these tables are mapped to System – 910 by default.  You probably want to consider remapping these to another datasource for non-production environments so that you can do your testing.

But, back to the feature and what it actually does.

It has the power to determine if you’ve changed something on the form (or an inline event / some ER code has changed that on the form), and then prompt you to reconsider your actions if you are going to lose your changes.  So if I configure the app to activate change confirmation on P01012 (Address book), then if you make a change to an item on the form and try to hit close (of what you’ve defined as an action), the web engine will prompt you!


That is the view from edge!  How nice is that.  Often close to too close to okay and users are losing data.

This is a nice feature – get enabling!

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Richard Drouillard said...

Thanks for bringing this up. I remembered a consultant telling us that we didn't want this because the warning fires even when you click Save, but it looks like you can enable it for just cancel.