Wednesday, 27 August 2008

java generation joke

Is it just me, or is the java generator a big pile of shit. It used to be good, pretty reliable. Now I get it crashing all of the time. I work at a lot of different sites and it's bad everywhere. Does not log in the first time, dumps... Shocker. The quicker they make java generation part of the package build and deployment the better!

package manifest problems

[WEB DEVELOPMENT] in the jas.ini for the generator determines whether you are going to have the opportunity whether you can generate the manifest or not. You need to create this stanza and then also add the WebDevelopment=TRUE line below it. What a shocker. If you create generation machines like I do, generally you just copy the web server gen.bat portion - this does not have the [WEB DEVELOPMENT] section in the web server JAS.INI - you'll only find it on the development client one - Doh.

This starts to matter when you want to "pregen" your objects. When you "pregen", the old manifest becomes very important.

Also remember that if you are old school like me, you gotta install the latest ESU with P98770 in it! This is a manifest browse utility that allows you to look at the actively deployed packages and all of the updates that are applied to them. You can find these packages in F96511 - but not the updates...

How do I do "pregen" - simple, but now is not the time for me to explain.