Wednesday, 29 April 2009

SAVE from 8.98 OMW

So now you can save to a zip file…  Well, it actually creates a PAR file.

So goto OMW, P98220 find the project that you want to save.

Do a get to make sure that you have the latest specs.

Choose the save button and choose yes for zip file

Choose the dir that you want to put you peoplesoft archive file (When is that going to be made a OAR file??).

The files will be PRJ_PROJNAME_60_99.par

Goto the system that you want to extract the objects to, start OMW

I think that you might need to create a dummy project to restore the objects into. 

Choose the restore button it will say “Do you want to overrite” – of course I do!!! Then say YES for zip file and select the zip file that you made earlier.

Do the same for each project you saved, you can restore them all into the one project.

Make sure that you have the source and include dirs created, otherwise these will not be populated.

It is cool.  It creates the OL records and leaves the objects checked out into the current project.

I cowboyed the new tools release onto an old 896 client and I was saving in no time.  Another note for the cowboys, if you cowboy a new tools release onto a client, prev you’d only need the bin32 dir and you’d be away…  Alas gone are those days, you pretty much have to replace the system dir, as there seem to be JRE dependencies now…  Doh!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

TopOCR = top OCR

It annoys me that oracle lock their PDF documents so that I cannot cut and paste their wisdom into my documents.  So, I get pissed off and I start to type the paragraph and then I think “there must be a better no cost alternative to this”…  Any I find one!

They’ve put a neat little package together which will do optical character recognition from jpg’s etc.  What a beauty…  I downloaded it (8mb) and tested it…  ripper.

Works, no popups.

I cannot paste an entire printscreen, it craps out immediately… But if I cut them up in paint and then paste them into the window, it works like a charm.  Just keep pasting and it keeps OCR’ing.


image from this PDF

image To this TEXT!

Go freeware!

Friday, 24 April 2009

sho rel

oracle show release

sho rel

I like it...

Thursday, 23 April 2009

database name from oracle connection

I always get lost in oracle world. I connect from database to database all of the time and forget where I am. I know that this is going to make me delete records from the wrong table... I know...

select ora_database_name from dual

Tells me where I am. I wanna change my prompt to be this, but that will need to wait.

Friday, 17 April 2009

A strong SA password... I'll give you strong SA password

Ever tried to hijack the MSDE install from the OneWorld Client Install\thirdparty\msde dir and get the annoying message "You cannot do this because you are not setting a strong enough SA password" - what a pain. Well if you open the setup.ini file in the same dir as the setup.exe and add the line
You'll be cooking with GAS!

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Full package deploy recovery

Ever tried to build a package in 812... Get to the end. Everything looks good (probably because you did not check the reports well enough, or the logs)


Logged into the web...

All GOOD! but then, find out that the package build actually failed because you ran out of space in the central objects owner! 


Does this only happen to me?  Anyway…  You then remember that you have about 12 full packages sitting in the list and that you might want to drop a few of them to get some space back for oracle.

(This is going to be oracle syntax, but you can engineer anything you need with the basic idea)

So, the situation is…  You’ve got a MSDE / SSE spec database – cool.  All of your BSFNs are compiled on client and server.

The ONLY thing missing are the rows in the full package tables.

So, put the rows in there.

select 'insert into py812.' || table_name || ' select * from py812.' || substr(table_name,1,6) || ';' from all_tables where owner = 'PY812' and table_name like '%FF' ;

This will generate the SQL to populate the full package tables (PY812FF) with the current version of the central objects.

Note that if there have been any project promotions during the time between the full build and the copy – then your objects might be a little out of synch (or a lot!).

You would have had to have generated with webDevelopment=TRUE for the gen to work, cause that uses the local MSDE / SSE DB, rather than the central objects copy.