Wednesday, 4 December 2013

JD Edwards performance testing using Oracle Application Testing Suite

I thought that I’d provide some very generic guidelines for performance testing and JD Edwards 9.1.  These figures can be used as a guide for your systems performance.  If course, these tests and scenarios are very limited.

I have a scenario, 1 web server, 1 DB server, 1 app server.  I log into E1, I launch AB, index search 1 record, close AB, open BV, run R0010P, close BV logout close browser.

I create a load test using Oracle Application Test Suite.

I configure all of my counters

I configure 20 concurrent users (to being with)

I choose to have 0 wait time, so I’m perf testing.

I run this scenario for 10 minutes.

What do you think the results might be? 

Name Value Min Max Avg
Transaction/s .827 .082 2.579 2.272
Pages/s 8.8 .667 26.2 22.68





So these are very interesting stats.  Each user is getting 1 page per second, Each user is getting 10 hits per second.  Each user is generating 58KB/s.

I find the final item interesting, as this allows you to know exactly how much a very fast moving user is using on average for E1 – this is 0 wait time, so a user could not actually achieve this (none that I know).

Like I said, this is a 1 off very simple sample.

Oracle Application Testing Suite is fantastic and is exceptionally easy to use.  Although, what you do not have (and I do) is the ability to compare values between sites and know where you can make considerable performance improvements!