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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

JD Edwards ERP usage statistics via google analytics–better compare

I’ve blogged about the plugin we’ve written for JD Edwards to expose the usage and performance data of your ERP to google analytics.  This gives you unprecedented power in working out how your ERP is being used, what your users are doing and how you should focus your enhancements.

Google analytics has recently enhanced the dash boarding capability to allow you to compare different periods in time, so you are able to compare this month to last month (for example) and determine performance and usage differences.


It’s really easy to see a comparison, all you do is login to google analytics and choose the period for reporting:


Click the compare to and choose your range.

Then you get two lines for all of the statistics – AWESOME!

We can compare a users productivity, week on week / day on day


Or the entire ERP’s usage


A little hint is to make the compare date range start with the same day of the week, because the ERP usage drops significantly on the weekends.

So now we can show you holistically the results of a change to your infrastructure and what that did to aggregated system performance and response times.


Yann Buffetaud said...

Hi did you made it like this? http://blog.rinami.com/2015/05/enabling-basic-google-analytics-for-jd.html

Shannon Moir said...

yes, that's how google analytics is installed, but there are a number of customisations and additional dimensions to the data capture that we add. Also, we might put our code in a different place (for stability reasons) We have a very customised reporting option over the data that is being stored. This enables us to compare you with other sites and also enable us to proactively pick up problems quickly! Finally we patch and test the tools release specifically for you and provide you with a very simple implementation path.

Yann Buffetaud said...

Hi again we managed to do this with PIWIK, if you want to try this is good too.

Yann Buffetaud said...

Also did you managed to getthe JDE user ID anf for the pages App name and version with the title?