Friday, 27 February 2009

8.98 java generation

Generally I configure java servers (win32) to be java generators too. It's an inexpensive and quick way of getting the job done. 898 was a little tougher to get working. Generally I use the gen.bat file in the webclient.war file and things work, not as of I tried a bunch of times and just got JVM crashes.

I had to install a fat client with the web dev feature. Note that I also had to delete the existing JAS dir, as it was not getting replaced by the 8.98 installation. I finally got the ptf.log file up to in my c:\E812\JAS dir - woo hoo.

I copied this (JAS dir) to my generation machine. Note that you cannot install the webdevFeature on your generation machine, as it has proper webSphere, not express. I put the jdbc drivers in the C:\E812\MISC dir (why??). I changed the reference from the 11G jdbc class file name to the classes12.jar in the gen.bat. Why do they ship that??? WTF!

Fixed up the logging settings, and was able to log in and generate... BUT at what speed.... 10 rows a minute.... AAARRRGGGGHHHH

Having the generate work is one thing, having it work fast is totally different.

my jdbj needed some changes:

parrallelAppGens=10 was in

Thursday, 26 February 2009

unix, sum kernel counts from JDE.INI

This is from CNC101, just I forget the syntax a lot of the time.

cat JDE.INI |grep maxNumberOfP | awk -F= '{sum+=$2;print $2} END {print sum}'

Gives you the sum of the kernels... Woo hoo. Could also get it to print the maxKernels value and tell you if there is an exception. Too hard for me today.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Thursday, 12 February 2009

jdenet error messages

Ever wanted to know what jdenet error 11 or jdenet error 29 actually means…

Sending a message failed, netErr=29.

We’ll let me tell you:

The jdenet.h file has a network error datatype defined with the following values. The array starts a 0, I numbered the first few of them.

Mike and I just saw a error 29, we follow that down to “eIPCMsgQueueFull” – good information. On windows IPC ranges are only controlled by the INI – not the OS (unlike unix). We went to the JDENET section of the JDE.INI and found that [JDENET] maxIPCQueueMsgs=100.

Wow, this make the error message much more understandable:
3092/4028 SYS:XMLDispatch Thu Feb 12 09:57:54.776000 Netqueue.c2511
Can't put msg on kernel queue (pid=588), OutStand Requests = 101

3092/4028 SYS:XMLDispatch Thu Feb 12 09:57:54.776001 Dispatcher.cpp714
Sending a message failed, netErr=29.

3092/4028 SYS:XMLDispatch Thu Feb 12 09:57:54.776002 Dispatcher.cpp714
ProcessDoc (processResquest): Dispatch Exception, state=2

3092/4028 SYS:XMLDispatch Thu Feb 12 09:57:54.776003 Dispatcher.cpp714
XMLDispatcher error report:

The network communication is broken.

typedef enum tagJDENetError {
eNoError, 0
eNetNotInitialized, 1
eInvalidMsgHandle, 2…
eTimeOut, 11
eAssociateKernelNotExist, /*MJL-S2S*/
eMsgInternallyQueued, /* Used for call object manual commit queueing */
eIPCMsgQueueFull, 29 /* Used when a message can't be put to a IPC
* queue, because a limit has been reached. */
} JDENetError;

Thursday, 5 February 2009

WebSphere Update Installer

I try to put an update on, (update 000015) for WAS61, and get the following:

Prerequisite checking has failed. Failure messages follow:

A general exception has occurred during prerequisite checking. Check the log files for more information.

Thanks IBM - maybe you could tell me which log files?

Eventually found them in "D:\IBM\WebSphere61\UpdateInstaller\logs\tmp1"

CWUPI0026E: was the main error.

I googled this and they said I need to use a newer installer...

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Finding WebSphere fixpacks

I always used to find this very difficult... but now, no worries:

So I'm doing an 8.98 upgrade... What do I need and where do I go?

support assistant or metalink3 for:
8.98R4 HTML server, enterprise server & Server manager

edelivery for:
WAS 6.1

Finally link for IBM patches

WAS HTML errors with network deployment

Just a quick note, this is something I learn't through another consultant. If you are going to use WebSphere (latest release that is currently supported by Oracle for EnterpriseOne) and you are using network deployment. You need to update your plugin release level to We had all sorts of 500 errors occurring until this was done.