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Thursday, 10 August 2017


Do you every find yourself wishing that there was a cool mobile application out there that you could plug into JD Edwards that are useful and free?  Wait no more, your time is here!

myTagThat is a mobile application that hooks into JD Edwards via AIS 

This is andriod ready and shows how cool the Fusion5 applications are – interactive and useful

You can search for assets from the main screen


See myTagThat in the top right


See that we also allow for scanning bar codes – making finding your assets easy


Note that is a book I’m reading – but it still scans!

This will use P1701 through AIS to find an asset with that equipment number.

You have some basic search criteria on the screen below



Note that you have the ability to map all of the results returned!



In JDE, this is how things start to look:

It authenticates with JDE authentication and allows you to search for any of your fixed assets (are you using CAM?) 

In JDE, P1701


Find your asset as above and then goto row –>locations->Address Book->Inquiry


You can see that the mobile application creates a new current record and makes the older ones historical


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