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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

JD Edwards web forms–data entry made easy

Some things in JDE could be made easier.  Some things in JDE should be made easier.

What if you were entering  requisitions?  What if you were only entering HS&E issues – JD Edwards can be something that is hard to configure and get working for these simple use cases.

You can take a look at our java script, AWS hosted solution that synchronizes data with JD Edwards using AIS. We cache all of the data locally in AWS and refresh this on a schedule.  We host the website with AWS and when the submit button is clicked, this goes to a queue for entry into JD Edwards.  We reserve some next numbers so that you can fid your transaction in JDE.



Now that is a good looking form, compared with:



With this technology we can open up this easy conduit into JD Edwards quickly and easily.  This is hosted too, so you don’t need to worry about “punching a hole in the firewall”.  We can ensure that the backend code connects to your AIS with a VPN and enters the transaction into JDE.

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