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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Demo of Eddie the JD Edwards bot

I wrote a blog entry about this earlier, but there have been some great advancements since my initial post.  One of the main ones is that the google assistant has been released for generic android, as opposed to only being available on the pixel.  This is really neat, as we want to use the power of contexts, which was only really available when using the google assistant.


You can see from the above that I’m able to chat with the google assistant by simply saying “hello google” to my phone.

Previously I’d get the following interface


So, now we can ask google to talk to our bot and then begin to give it commands that we’ve defined with api.ai.

api.ai is then able to turn those commands, contexts and intentions into JD Edwards AIS calls using #LAMBDA

From there we are able to then instruct api.ai to give us verbal responses.

Note also that we are able to natively activate this chat in a number of other integration points, one-click.  So you want to activate chat with JDE using twitter, facebook messenger, slack?  Easy!


Imagine being able to open up some limited customer service “bot” actions for any of your JD Edwards users.  You could so simple things like:

  • enter timesheets with voice
  • check on order status’
  • approve PO’s (of course)
  • enter meter readings (we are doing this).

See a little video below of approving PO’s

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Hi Shanon,

This feature looks amazing, how can we achieve this functionality.