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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Good representation of the digital journey

I’ve been to a number of digital workshops, and it’d been hard to define what an individual digital journey is.  It’s a dilemma, how to articulate “going digital” or a digital transformation, as it’s always a very subjective journey.  I find that trying to put some structure around the definition and the journey that is relevant for certain companies is the best way.  The process below (as originally found in a Microsoft presentation) is a great start.

You can transform your business from the following business areas:image

So let’s at least start to categorise the elements of a digital journey, then build upon this.

  • empowering your employees
  • Engaging your customers
  • Transforming your products and services
  • Optimising your operations.

I think we can also cross reference the above with our knowledge of mega-trends and come up with a handy matrix of megatrend within digital category:


I think that this categorisation assists with identification of opportunities for innovation in your organisation.

Note that I’ve added a couple of my own for “good luck”, integration and configuration (citizen developer).

I could categorise most of the innovation at Fusion5 with the above.

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